Didier Kempter

Why did Didier Kempter choose the new training & education methods? 

Didier today proclaimes that the addition of these new methods to his classical teaching brings him efficient and humane solutions to all horse problems, and it also gives him the opportunity to answer to  a rising demand from participants of the equestrian world who are concerned with the search for pleasure and safety in their horsemanship.

Didier facilitates an effective program for solutions to every horse problem. Following the aim to reach a goal, he helps horses to progress positively as he optimizes the relationship between horses and humans, in total safety, and with high respect for the horses at all times.   Safety, knowhow, trust, respect, communication, harmony and constancy in the work are the keys for success in this new approach, which deepens the partner relationship, as well as helps both horse and rider to reach their full potential.

Horses respond  extremely well to these new methods, because they are based on attitude & body language. Horses easily recognize this communication language , already very  familiar to them, since body language is what horses primarily use to communicate naturally with one another. 

These methodes are applicable to all riders and horses, mares, geldings and stallions, whatever the breed or age.

They offer solutions to concrete situations in order to obtain a quiet horse, attentive, respectful & voluntary in their work.

Re-education is part of Didier's job.

The agressive horse, timorous and disrespectful towards the human, is very dangerous. Didier brings lasting solutions to such horses  "with problems".

Thanks to Didier's approach, the aggressive horses, nervous or fearful horses, regain serenity in a record time.

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