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Who is Didier Kempter?

First of all, Didier Kempter is a craftsman. He is a professional trainer specializing in horse education & re-education.

Around the age of 12, Didier rode as a gentlemen rider at Sterrebeek, where he trained race horses.
A few years after that, he participated in many  jumping & dressage competitions.
When he
was 25 years old, he turned to Western Riding and competed as a professional rider in all of Europe.

It is especially Didier's  passion for horses that  convinced him in 2003 to turn to new training and educational methods which were appearing in the equestrian world from people known as "horse whisperers" such as John & Josh Lyons, Monthy Roberts, Pat Parelli, Craig Cameron.... in the United States & Elisabeth de Corbigny in France.

In 2004, John Lyons' first arrival in Europe was organised by Elisabeth de Corbigny one of John's students. She gave Didier the opportunity to organize John Lyons's symposium in Belgium (Moorsele).
The coming of John Lyons in Belgium & France was a great event within the equestrian world. John Lyons, the  "most trusted Horseman in de USA,"  a great horseman & excellent teacher, gave us the opportunity to discover in an admirable way the link between the new methods and our traditional horsemanship.

In 2005, enthusiastic and willing to learn  more, Didier attended for six months  an intensive certification & training program at John & Josh Lyons's facility in Colorado USA, and returned to Belgium as a "Certified John & Josh Lyons Trainer". Thanks to the excellent training program, mainly taught by Josh Lyons, son of John Lyons, Didier has had the opportunity to learn how to obtain & build in a record time a willing partnership with all horses.

Through this  investment of oneself, of money & time spent learning, these intensive trainings have brought Didier thorough knowledge concerning the application of new, effective training & education methodes for horses.

Today, Didier Kempter is the 1st Belgian trainer certified by John & Josh Lyons and he is putting his knowledge to work in the service of the equestrian world in Belgium and Europe.


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